the sun!

No, the drive from Corvallis to Tillamook was not pleasant this afternoon… School buses and semi-trucks on remote mountain roads make for painfully long, slow, windy travel. And I almost hit an elk… no joke about it. My reward for this unnerving activity? COASTAL SUNSHINE! Any Oregonian will tell you it doesn’t get much better than that, especially with the incessant Portland rain we’ve been recently struck with.

The drive into Oceanside is always a special treat:

From Cape Lookout State Park:

And after some basic research at both of my beach stops, I deducted that I was, in fact, wearing THE hippest, raddest sunglasses. This is something I take very seriously…

Exercise sitch: Nada. I’m currently babying my ankle (no long walks), and this hotel doesn’t really have a fitness center. Maybe I’ll jump in the pool? Or maybe I’ll just sit in the hot tub… Either way, dinner will be light tonight. Most likely soup/salad from Fred Meyer. Exciting, I know.

Pizza at Mandy’s tomorrow… preceded by a spin class, of course 🙂 Can’t wait!


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