the healing powers of beef stew (and the nylins)

Some time ago Sara acquired a beef stew recipe from her Mama, Trish, who adapted it from a friend of hers. Sara’s version was wonderful (Crockpot-style), so I decided to try it myself tonight in a final attempt to rid my body of this evil cough. (This stew + meds = the ability to work tomorrow! Healthy days, here I come!)

I received Trish’s forwarded recipe. As you’ll see, it leaves room for improvisation, which is exactly how soups should be. My version had mushrooms and celery, too. First I’ll share with you the emailed “recipe.” Just adorable:

“m-m-m- here’s the recipe Deborah gave me…blade steak or 7 bone, cubed, salt and pepper, browned. Add 1 cup guinness, 2 cup red wine, 4 cups beef broth, worcestershire sauce (a nylin go to ), simmer 1 hour+. Add chopped onions, carrots, (and potatoes if desired), bay & thyme, and keep cooking. That’s it! Deborah says it’s the meat that makes the dish, plus it’s a dish you want to cook slowly all day, it should end up like a chowder, not a soup or stew… we had homemade biscuits with it in New Hampshire, but a great fresh hearty bread would be excellent and don’t forget a nice smooth flavorful red wine to compliment the dish. Feel free to rate this email and share with others who appreciate a bountiful meat entree. hehe… love you, mommy

Here are some of the ingredients:

After a few hours of stewing:

Sara took some off my hands, as will Cody. Thanks for the group eating effort!

So all this sickness has really hampered my working out. (As in, I have NOT been working out… at all.) I’m starting to freak and feel pretty gross about the lethargy and lack of motivation to do anything. I intend to wake up healthy enough to get to the gym at some point tomorrow… stay tuned.


7 thoughts on “the healing powers of beef stew (and the nylins)

  1. hey kel, the soup looks really good!!! and i am so sorry that you have been under the weather. that sucks as i well as i know. hope that you are back on your feet fast. love you

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