Weigh-in Wednesday

When I first told Cody about my Wednesday weigh-ins, he asked me why I’d spend $40/month to do so. ‘Wouldn’t a scale be cheaper?’ he asked. And sometimes I agree with him, thinking I should trade in my Weight Watchers membership for something a bit more economical (the FREE scale at the gym, perhaps?). I rarely stay for the meetings or count points these days. BUT, just knowing that I have to physically go somewhere once a week to have someone record my weight has played such an influential role in maintaining my weight loss that it’s worth the money. In fact, I’m pretty sure my Ma would step in and pay for it if I told her I was quitting!

I’ve said it before, and I’m saying it again: I stayed the same this week (well, down .2, which is barely anything).

Without the pending Weigh-in Wednesday, I would have ordered tacos at 2am when Mandy and I got home last night from Eugene. I was starving and tired but knew I needed to hold out for a decent weigh-in. Such a weird game of accountability…

Anyway, enough of me justifying my completely stagnant weight loss success…

I was really nervous about WW today because I didn’t make it to the gym yesterday (a rarity for a Tuesday). Fortunately we danced all night to Ryan Bingham, boot stompin’ style!!

Y’all can thank me later for this little treat 🙂

Heck yeah.

I’m staying in tonight and making stir fry and getting 8 hours of sleep and getting up early for the gym before presentations tomorrow. And that’s that.

(Workout today: Spin class!)

Happy Wednesday to you!


3 thoughts on “Weigh-in Wednesday

  1. Jeez…He sure is easy on the eyes. You should stay for a mtg sometime. Support groups are where its at. I bet you could help some people with your story! Love you lots.

    Keri Rae and Violet Kay

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