Superbowl Meat Products

Two briskets, baked bologna and some crazy sausage thing wrapped in bacon… it was wild!

There was even bacon-flavored vodka, perfect for Bloody Mary’s!

Oh, and before we tasted a bite of meat, we were hitting the chocolate fountain:

And Steph’s adorable Packer cookies:

Max tricked me into giving him another piece of cake:

Olivia P., Olivia O., Steph:

Too bad the football action pics didn’t turn out! During halftime, Val and the men and children had loads of fun in the street… I photographed the activity while also watching Steph dance to the Black Eyed Peas through the front window. It was a lovely life moment 🙂

Healthy stuff:

Amazing workouts yesterday and today (90 minute spin today! Yowee!), and I’m about to make a brussel sprout/shitaki stir-fry (over rice noodles) for dinner. I’m super starving, but I’ll try to remember the recipe I concoct as well as take pic.

Happy Monday!


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