Superbowl Sunday (aka Cheese and Bacon Day)

You didn’t come here today looking for something healthy, did you? Good. Today is dedicated to Wisconsin, which means cheese, cheese, more cheese, and a pound of bacon.

I woke up at 7:30 and cleaned, forked and salted a five pound bag of russet potatoes and baked them for an hour for my Superbowl contribution: Twice Baked Potatoes with Bacon

Once the potatoes were baked and cooled, I cut them in half, scooped them out and made mashed potatoes with butter, milk, sour cream, shredded cheese… and… bacon fat (from the pound of bacon I was frying while the potatoes baked). Don’t you get an irregular heartbeat just reading that??

Anyway, fill the potato shells with the mashed potatoes (which, by the way, I mashed with a fork… note to self: buy a potato masher or mixer ASAP), cover in shredded cheese and chopped bacon, and bake for 10 minutes or so at 350 degrees.

By the time you read this, you’re celebration may very well be over, so don’t forget to try this next year!! Superbowl Sunday is really the only day this sort of nonsense is allowed 🙂

I’m not baking them until I get to Tim and Val’s… pretty sure they’re going to be spectac!

*Dear Willpower, please let me make it out of this alive 🙂

Oh, and I forgot, I do have a healthy tidbit to pass on. Last week Ty turned me on to these Spinach-Potato pancakes from Costco’s frozen section… they’re only 80 calories but taste decadent! Cody did the leg work for me and brought a box home last night. One cake and one egg make a perfect breakfast!

Isn’t my new mini pan just adorable?


Go Wisconsin!


4 thoughts on “Superbowl Sunday (aka Cheese and Bacon Day)

  1. I felt like I was there helping with those twice bakeds:-) Had you thought of trying the hand blender to help mash? Just a thought…it might work for that kind of thing! Great pictures…have fun…GO WISCONSIN;)

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