Oh my. Chrisanthi’s Monday night double punch nearly killed me. She was at the helm of the back-to-back Lift and Spin classes, and I, like a fool, suffered through both. And for some reason she thinks she’s going to get me into her Boot Camp class tomorrow night after the 4 o’clock Spin Bronwyn and I are meeting up for. Kill me now! On the other hand, considering this past weekend’s indulgences (pasta and wine… how fabulous!), maybe this back breaking activity is exactly what I need.

Right now I’m trying to figure out how to make Megs a healthy dinner without going to the store for ingredients. It might be a sweet potato, rice and beans sorta night. If it’s any good I’ll post a picture later.

*Dinner update*

Spinach, brown rice, veggie saute (sweet potato, red pepper, onion, garlic), egg:


3 thoughts on “Chrisanthi!

  1. Hey! That pic just inspired me! I was on the verge of making pb&j, but i think i could handle a little sweet potato and egg action. Thanks!

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