Weigh-in Wednesday, the first installment of 2011

So it’s been some serious time since I last weighed in…

Fortunately my fears were put at ease yesterday at the doctor’s office (clean bill of health, by the way, life doesn’t get much better than that!!!), when I stepped on the scale and was within 1/2 pound of my last visit!! That got me pretty psyched for today’s official weigh-in number.

I WAS DOWN 1.5!!! Take that, Christmas break and all of your deliciously unhealthy food!

Now I can really face 2011 from a mentally strong perspective. No where to go but down!

Ty’s making something tasty tonight, so I’ll be sure to post the recipe. I’m adding a spinach salad with pistachios, jicama, carrots, radishes and red onion. Should be beautiful!

Here are some pics from the Duck’s game at Cody’s parents’ place on Monday night… Fish tacos (and an insane load of other really great food) by Glenna!


2 thoughts on “Weigh-in Wednesday, the first installment of 2011

  1. so happy for you kel!!!!!!! keep up the great work and i know that 2011 will be a great on for you and all of your friends. love ya

  2. Happy new year, Kelly! I was so pleased to learn about your blog in 2010 and I look forward to reading about all of the wonderful things you will make happen in 2011!

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