Keri and Kate

Ahh, I’m currently drinking spiked egg nog while my mom checks the oven on a batch of chocolate-espresso biscotti we just made. (Recipe from April.) We’re sort of on a kick right now… just wait until tomorrow’s concoction!

The good news regarding the past few days: I’ve been getting lots of cardio in at the gym. And I’ve had some serious quality time with people I love.

Last night in Madison with Kate:

Thank you sooo much, darlin’, for dinner at one of my fave MadTown spots, the Weary Traveler!

Yesterday’s preggo photo-shoot and homemade sushi with Keri Rae:

I brought the nori, rice, wasabi and ginger from Portland… my Madre picked up the rest. The idea was to feed Keri spicy food and encourage Violet’s arrival. Didn’t work… Come out Baby V!!!


The bad news: I’m seriously eating non-stop these days. Wish me luck in regaining control by 2011!


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