SmartPhone and PoachedEggs

Just 48 hours ago I was a low-tech gal, cursing my highly vulnerable old-school slide phone. Sure it drove me crazy, but texting was easy and it always turned back on when I’d drop it. Today, though, things have become increasingly more complicated. My Smartphone is here, proving to be much smarter than I. Thanks to Trevor for yesterday’s lesson on the photo apps. Here’s my lunch, two poached eggs, two tortillas, hot sauce and feta:

I’m going to use my long day of travel on Thursday to really master this thing. And if you happen to get a senseless text or phone call from me before then, please disregard my ignorance.

As for the healthy living, things have definitely been healthier (isn’t that how it goes in December?). The celebrations have been joyful, and my heart is constantly exploding with love for every single person who make up my abundant life. We’ve been cooking and eating and drinking and toasting all over the place. Life is just too good right now.

To clear my head and remain somewhat in control, I’ve been trying to keep up with the gym. Yesterday I ran for two miles without stopping and today I’m going to try for three. I’ll let you know how it goes…

Burrito party at Anna’s tonight! I think my filling-to-share will be roasted sweet potatoes with raisins and sunflower seeds.


3 thoughts on “SmartPhone and PoachedEggs

    • Ha, I was actually running on the treadmill when I got this! Awesome! Yeah, I think I’m going to host a happy hour instead of weighing in this week… Cheers to you, Nikki!

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