Four parties in two days… SO. FUN. And I’m only mildly burned out this morning. Grounding myself on Friday night was the best decision I ever made… hopefully the big veggie stir fry and weekend full of exercise will pull through and balance the holiday indulgence.

I would have blogged on Saturday, but I was too busy throwing powdered sugar around as I made these:

The plan was initially to follow Smitten Kitchen‘s roasted chestnut recipe for these tea cakes, but chestnuts are expensive, so I used pecans instead. Unfortunately they didn’t win the favorite dessert contest at Sue and Tracey’s party. On a side note, the sweet treat I voted for that night was the ‘Rudolph Balls’ – Red velvet cake balls dipped in chocolate and salted.

And yesterday was the annual holiday baking day at the Sohlman house where I basically just ate and lounged around for five hours… ahh, family and food. Thanks for the hospitality, Ty! Love you!

Beer bottle rolling pin:

My artwork:

Today: Mental health day… staying within WW points and two gym classes (and six presentations!). Happy Monday!


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