mental health day

Today: Work, spin class, vegetables, pals, early bedtime

I’m starting to count points based on the new Weight Watchers program that was just released a couple weeks ago. Rather than calculating calories, fiber and fat, the revised method looks at protein, carbohydrates, fiber and fat. We’ll see how I feel after a week, but so far I don’t like the increased points values for bread and wine… call me crazy. Ultimately, though, this a good reminder that I consume too much of both of those things.

Best part of the new plan: Fruit is zero points!!! A big apple used to be two pts, so this a great development.

Today’s points:

2 eggs: 2
1 slice wheat bread: 2
cheese: 2
veggies: 0

a double order of the above ingredients, egg-cup style:

apple: 0

Lunch will be French Onion soup: 6

11 pts so far…

cheese: 4
candy: 3

18 pts

-3 for lift class
-3 for spin class

12 pts

fruit: 0

18 pts left for stir fry, jasmine rice and ONE glass of wine.

Going to bed early tonight… whatever happens, do not let me leave my house. When I leave I spend money and consume calories (and usually not the healthy kind). Tonight, I am grounded.


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