this Monday wins.

Today was the perfect mix of great work, exercise and healthy/amazing food.

I started early by taking a sunrise coastal drive before presentations:

After work I took a two mile run/walk up and down the beach… I’ve always wanted to be that person, and today I was! Loved it! After that I went to the local fitness center and lifted/crunched for 30 minutes and then partook in what was a pretty cool spin class. It’s always interesting being the only female and the only person under 50 in an exercise class. That’s the best thing about spin, though, you can always make it as challenging as you want based on the resistance you give the bike. I was def sweating, in a major way.

Dinner was here:

The Waterfront Depot is one of my fave spots on the Oregon Coast, with affordable, quality food and tasty drinks. I had the grilled salmon, Caesar salad and a glass of house red. Lots of fun memories at this spot over the past five years… and they haven’t changed the menu a bit! Check it out if you find yourself in Florence; you’ll find both tourists and lively locals.

And now I’m watching the choral reality show ‘Sing Off.’ I’m obviously very jealous of these people. Breezy, we must watch Sister Act 2 when we reunite.


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