Weigh-in Wednesday

Oh, the power of paying attention to what you put in your mouth… It’s quite amazing, really.

Down 3 pounds this week!

And yes, I realize you don’t have a frame of reference since I avoided telling you my actual gain last week, but let’s just say this makes up some serious ground on that little setback.

Food today…

pita: 1
banana: 2
peanut butter: 2

cheese: 2
apple sauce: 1
spaghetti squash leftovers from last night: 4
chocolate: 1

13 pts

-3 for 40 minutes on treadmill (2+ miles of running!)

10 pts

Dinner tonight: Homemade pizza!! (I’ll post pics later…) and wine. <—- These things can not get in my mouth fast enough. HunGRY!!!!


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