Crazy day of work and working out… two gym classes tonight. And then dinner with Megan W! AND I get my exercise bike back in my possession. Woop!

1 C bran flakes: 2
1 small banana: 1
almond milk: 1

carrots/hummus: 3
leftover soup with avo: 7

granola bars and an apple: 6

20 pts

-5 for spin and lift classes

15 pts

luna bar: 2

shrimp: 3
parmesan: 2
arugula: 0
oil: 3

25 pts


2 thoughts on “Monday

  1. I’m a big almond milk fan…love it in my coffee.

    I overdid it this Thanksgiving. Ate whatever I wanted (bread and dairy). I felt like I was going to die.

    Then I went to hot yoga the day after and everyone smelled like garlic. So gross!

    Hope you had a good thanksgiving!

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