Sunday (Ty’s Winter Soup recipe)

Definitely feeling better!

I woke up and went for a bike ride to St. Johns and will go to the gym shortly (running again!)…

Starbucks egg white wrap: 5

Spaghetti squash: 2
laughing cow cheese: 1
avocado: 3

11 pts

2 mile run! -3

subtotal: 8 pts

banana/apple: 3
pb: 1
almond milk: 1

cranberry salsa: 0
crackers: 3
random bites: 4

20 pts

8 pts left for soup!

We made Ty’s Winter Soup this evening…

2 boxes of Pacific Foods chicken broth

1 rotisserie chicken- tear all chicken off the bone and shred

1 summer sausage roll (such as hickory farms) turkey sausage or ham could work too. Cut into small cubes.

2 bags of Trader Joes- 17 bean and barley mix

one yellow onion- diced

3 carrots- diced

I tsp of minced garlic

2 tsps of “Johnny seasoning”

Sauté onions, sausage and garlic together

I did not soak beans overnight…I used the “quick soak” method on bean package.. boil beans with three times their volume of water and then let sit for one hour. Drain beans and add chicken broth and all ingredients.

Simmer on stove for two hours


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