a Weight Watchers intervention

This blog is about to become pretty boring, and I understand if you stop reading completely. Until Christmas, I’m only going to post what I eat, the corresponding WW points, and my physical activity. Gotta do it; gotta get this food train back on track. And since I started this blog to hold me accountable, this is the best way I know to refocus my mental strength.

Banana: 2 pts
granola bar: 2 pts

activity: +4

brussel sprouts: 0
turkey (dark meat): 3
egg: 2
tomato: 0
vinegar/cooking spray: 0

Subtotal: 5 WW pts

apple and squash snack: 2
banana: 1
potato cake: 2

10 pts

dinner salad:
cheese: 2
oil/vin: 2
veggies: 0
random stuff: 2
wine: 4

20 pts

pita/hummus: 3

23 pts

random drinks and bites: 14?

37 pts

Definitely over, but not by much!! My best day in a long time. I even turned down chocolate, popcorn and beer! WOOHOOO!!!


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