Recipe #3: Cranberry-Cornbread Stuffing

Thanks to Trader Joe’s for this one…

(Make the stuffing accordingly.)

Saute mushrooms and rehydrated cranberries (from this morning, remember?) in olive oil and chopped fresh sage:

Add this to what you’ve already made:

*I think I’ll surprise the crew and add feta to this tomorrow before reheating… these kids LOVE feta.

Oh, and there’s this… Trevor’s Bacon-Pecan pie that Carolyn and I had the pleasure of smelling all afternoon:

Today’s completed work, ready for Mandy’s!

**Weigh-in Wednesday was a total disaster today. Silly me, I was feeling all light and strong and ready to be down at least a pound. Let’s get serious; I started running this week! Nevertheless, the number drastically went in the wrong direction. No time to freak though, it’s Thanksgiving! We’ll discuss this on Friday.

Happy Thanksgiving-Eve to all of you! I’m grateful as can be for each of you. Love.


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