Three miles!

What!? I ran about three full miles today! My first 1.25 were non-stop. The whole event lasted about 55 minutes, covering 4.25 miles total. And most of my walking was on a steep incline.

I may require a wheelchair this Thanksgiving! (Ha! My mom loves it when I say stuff like that :))

Stay tuned for the onslaught of T-Day feast photos and recipes beginning tomorrow. Right now I’m about to finish my grocery shopping… which store will drive me the least insane???

My contributions (most of which I will make tomorrow):

Cranberry salsa
Cornbread Stuffing with cranberries and mushrooms
Pumpkin cheesecake with gingersnap crust

**Anna and I are going to an 8am spin class at the Hollywood gym on Thanksgiving morning… Y’all should join us!!


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