it’s a gin off.

Last night Heather, Greg and I threw our first joint party. They made gin and our friends came over to scientifically judge the different flavors in a blind taste test. Gin drinkers gotta eat, right?!

My app, baguette with cheeses (brie and goat) and spreads (pumpkin and cranberry):

*This doesn’t compare to the homemade pizzas Heather made or the cranberry salsa one of the guests brought… or Greg’s oatmeal cookies. Oh my.

Co-hosts/gin-makers, Greg and Heather:


Nicole rating the samples:

Thanks to the all the pals and the co-hosts for being ultra fabulous!

And now I’m in a Corvallis hotel room.

Before leaving town, though, I stopped at the gym for a quick workout. Today I ran two miles. While not consecutive miles, I still impressed myself as this is the most I’ve ever, ever run in my life. My total workout was 40 minutes: Walking warm-up, mile run, mile walk (on steep incline), mile run. So far so good on the ankle scene.

Now I’m off to Market of Choice to tear into their salad bar.


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