Physical progress

It’s been awhile, no? Hope everyone out there is feeling happy and healthy this weekend before Thanksgiving. My crew is busy discussing our respective dishes while considering the appropriate wine to wash down all turkey, pumpkin, and cranberry related menu items. For the sake of practice, Kent, Steph and I met at Vino (recently relocated from Sellwood to Laurelhurst) last night for the weekly Friday night tasting. This week’s feature: Oregon pinot noir! How perfect! Check it out if you’re ever in the ‘hood… Bruce’s tastings are ten bucks for five big pours of a certain theme.

And good news on the exercise front! Two things actually… The first being my recent flirtation with running. That’s right, I’ve started running on the treadmill before spin class. And while my joints have a pretty strong policy against this type of jarring activity, my head, lungs and heart can’t get enough. Right now I’m able to run a 10 minute mile without stopping. Just one mile. I’m afraid to push it any further at this point, but maybe that will change. You’ll be the first to know when it does.

And the second bit of progress came during my lifting class this morning. I added five more pounds to my barbell this week! Things are getting fierce around here. Heck yes!

Not much to say about recent food… I’m sure you’ve noticed that caloric management has not been a priority lately. It’s so weird how the motivation that gets me to the gym has little influence on keeping me out of the fridge. That’s food addiction for ya…

Pics of something, anything, tomorrow… promise.


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