Must keep moving…

…and this is why:

Pals (by way of Kent and Steph) Val, Tim and Junie hosted a Fake Thanksgiving Dinner yesterday. This annual event is intended to encourage the ‘foodiest’ dishes that would never fly at a traditional family Thanksgiving. It was insane, and I feel privileged to have scored a spot on the guest list.

I made a wild rice salad with roasted squash, brussel sprouts, hazelnuts, cranberries, mushrooms and parsley… all dressed in an apple cider/garlic dressing. It seemed to go over well…

Appetizer. Baguette with fig, goat cheese and balsamic syrup:

Appetizer. Turkey Roullade with cranberries, pumpkin and corn meal:

More appetizers:

Lovely detail:

Deep fried:

Pumpkin ravioli and brussel sprouts:

Greens and sweet potatoes:

The kids table. They were so much fun that now I either want to have kids immediately or want to be ten again, I’m not quite sure…

A man’s plate:

And what you have here is an assortment of mini pumpkin, pecan and chocolate-fig pies. You know I tried all of them, right?

And this… the upside-down pear-fig tart:

Photo by Max (the kid, not the cat):

Activity during all of this: Lots of Wii Dancing (I was sweating… in a good way) and also ping-pong…

Today, though, I knew I needed to really make up for the hoopla. I went on an early morning 10 mile bike ride, rocked an hour on the treadmill, a lift class and a spin class. Quality time with the gym and my spin friends… good times! Now I’m eating the amazing pumpkin-black bean soup Mandy made for the dinner I crashed after the Thanksgiving feast. The food! It never ends!!


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