I spent a couple hours at the gym today to make up for not going yesterday… 40 minutes on the elliptical followed by a lifting class. My current struggle is figuring out how to maintain my daily walks since I’m not walking Lucy anymore. (Yes, I re-homed her… many of you probably don’t know that.) A typical daily walk for us was usually 1-2 miles, burning around 100 extra calories a day. How do I keep my walks a priority now that I’m solo? Do any of you [non dog owners] walk daily in addition to working out?

My other struggle is that I dropped my camera the other night and now I think I need to get it fixed. Awesome.

Here are some shots of the brunch I hosted for Anna and Nick on Sunday. Lily came trick-or-treating as an organic pear! Such a fabulous costume and visit with her family:

Her loot, as prepared by Anna:

Fun-sized fritattas! Eggs baked with chorizo, black beans, roasted squash and brussel sprouts, and feta:

Tomorrow’s Wednesday, and we all know what that means…….. Bah!


6 thoughts on “Tuesday

  1. Aww Lucy. I hope you still get to see her! I’ve been doing hot yoga twice a week and then long walks on the weekend with the dogs, sometimes a quick 40 minute walk during th week if my Husband is working or I get home before it is dark.

    That pear is darling, and those frittatas look amazing!

  2. what the…??!! i have not talked to you in forever, i guess.

    i don’t go for many walks lately, but back in the day when i had more freedom, i always liked to walk to do my errands whenever possible. or if the bank or coffeeshop is a bit far for a walk, a bike ride is nice too.

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