Game planning

The upside of today is that October is almost over. Never have I been so excited to see one month come and go… Not that I’m encouraging the passing of time, but this one really did a number on me. And now we’ve got a holiday season on deck, and I’m trying to determine how to keep my weight-loss goals in close focus. To be honest, I went to bed a little scared last night, as I thought about how much food and I drink I consumed during the Harvest dinner feast. I felt really out of control and could barely sleep last night because of it. Not a good feeling.

How am going to manage weekly group meals over the next two months?

My ability to consume is really powerful, and I need to get a serious grip. Immediately.

I’ve recently thought about quitting the blog, but I know that’s a horrible idea. I will not let another week of 2010 go by without posting a Weigh Watchers weigh-in update.

As for today, I’m feeling in control and planning my day. Just today. That seems less overwhelming.

Food so far:

One fig newton
One 100 calorie granola bar
One banana
Small nonfat latte

I’ll have a Lean Cuisine for lunch and plan to go to two classes at the gym this evening before Sohlman family time.

Happy Neurotic Friday!


6 thoughts on “Game planning

  1. Usually I get out of control when I’m drinking wine. Food and wine just tastes so good together! I heard once to drink a full glass of water in between apps/meal/dessert (yep, just like a responsible drinker) You’ll feel full faster.

    Have you heard of the paleo diet at all? It doesn’t look like you’re a big meat eater but it is way easier than tracking food and you feel great. I’m not 100% paleo/primal but find myself making better food choices after reading about it.

    • I’ve been growing increasingly interested in the paleo/primal eating sensation. Good resources for this? Don’t you have some sort of Power Point instructional thing for this? Am I completely making that up?

  2. Your honesty is empowering and inspiring. I always think “What a colorful life she leads!” healthy living is a dynamic, ever-changing concept and I am sure that I’m just one of many who feels grateful to be able to observe your journey. Cheers to you, Kelly!

  3. Hey! I”m proud of you. dont quite the blog, we all want and need it! I’m really struggling today. I had some sweets earlier, and want to have a couple glasses of wine with my dinner and chill tonight. I did work out with my trainer and then get in 20 mins of cardio BUT….. i ate and drank pretty unhealthy this past weekend… dont wanna feel guilty but dont wanna feel deprived either.
    uuuuuugh. why … why does it have to be such a struggle!!?!?!?!?

  4. Check out Mark’s Daily Apple, for more of a primal version. First read the inspirational stories. There are quite a few paleo blogs out there with recipes. Lots of people start with the 30 day challenge. The best thing about it…less working out 😉

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