Bend -> Portland

Is anyone wondering why I’m blogging instead of dancing at the Mumford and Sons show right now? Because I’m exhausted and decided to sell my ticket… which definitely came out in my favor. And now I’m cozy in my bed and not at my least favorite music venue in Portland.

Today was mostly healthy, even with traveling. Foodwise, not so bad. A Trader Joe’s salad for lunch and veggie burger for dinner (with some leftover crisp). But breakfast, albeit insanely delicious, wasn’t the best choice I ever made. You see, I woke up feeling guilty that I didn’t take any pictures of Jackson’s Corner last night, so I decided to stop there for morning coffee and get some blog shots. And then I found this spread by the coffee counter:

So naturally I needed a piece of the falls-apart-it’s-so-gooey pumpkin spice bread:

You would have done the same thing.

I just really love this place and its vintage vibe…

At least I avoided this:

Workout: 40 minutes of stair intervals at the gym


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