I love my new home

Thanks to Megs, Mando and Sara (who provided chili and vino) for keeping me company while I unpacked this evening. Being settled feels so good; I’ve been craving this!

I misplaced my camera battery charger during the move. Because of this lack of organization, I don’t have any shots of Anna and Nick’s appetizer party (salad wraps, artichoke dip, cinnamon stick skewered chicken bites, fresh baked rosemary bread, chanterelle-stuffed zucchini, bread/tomato/mozz salad, homemade ice cream sandwiches) or Frank and Donna’s brunch (banana bread, scramble, bacon, fruit salad, apple crisp, mimosas). Guess who ate too much this weekend?! That would be me. Guess who didn’t exercise enough this weekend?! Again, me.

I’m putting myself on a life budget tomorrow; it’s time to get seriously realistic and sustainable about what I want and how I’m going to get it.

Anyway, thanks to Robyn for a.) Bringing her super-fly Minneap style to Portland this weekend and b.) Taking us out to Tasty and Sons for brunch yesterday. Before my camera died…

The goat outside the restaurant (who is apparently traveling the country raising money for homeless youth… really weird):

Tasty and Sons lists its purveyors on the wall:

Post-brunch shopping:

Workout yesterday: Nothing
Workout today: Lift/step class, 30 minutes elliptical


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