Chrisanthi Spin

You know your life is balanced when you and your spin instructor become Facebook friends. Now Chirsanthi can make me crazy both in and out of the gym 🙂 I joke; we all know how much I love her!

Her spin class was again fabulous today, and I’m finding myself getting stronger with each session. The idea is to train through the winter in classes so I’m somewhat ready to train outside in the spring for the Reach the Beach ride. This is a 100 mile venture through the coastal range from Portland to the Pacific Ocean that takes place on May 22nd next year. Who’s coming with me??

After spin class tonight, a bunch of us got swanky and mingled through different gallery shows downtown for the monthly First Thursday art walk. Spanikopita was involved… my second round of the good stuff this week. I’m all about the free food and drink these events offer up!

You know what isn’t swanky? Lean Cuisine frozen dinners. Sometimes you just don’t have time to cook. Today was one of those days.

Salsa saved the day here. Ick.


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