Homemade pie dough is the devil.

And now I know why my mama, one of my favorite bakers, buys store bought crusts. Seriously, could anything be more obnoxious than making your own pie dough!?!? Over the past two days I have done plenty of online research on food blogs and recipe forums regarding this art form, and I really believed I could execute the endeavor. Let’s just say the two apple pies I made this evening definitely mark the beginning and end of my dreams of being a pastry chef. And major props to all of you who have perfected and/or enjoy this sort of thing. You. Are. Crazy.

One pie is a gift. The other I’ve had one slice of, and since that’s all I’m allowing myself, I’d love to share it with you. Come over and eat!

So you’re probably wondering what these masterpieces look like, right? Well, it appears that my camera decided to move to North Portland without me and is currently taking up residence at Mandy’s. Too bad, really, because yesterday and today were all about FOOD. Mandy and I made BBQ roasted portabello mushrooms last night with apple-cabbage slaw. And then Dana and I biked up to St. Johns this afternoon for a vegan feast at Proper Eats. She had cornmeal encrusted tempeh with beans and greens, and I had a pesto-barley-veggie wrap with a massive slice of avocado on top. No joke.

I’ll try to get back on photo track tomorrow…

Workouts: Spin class yesterday, 10 mile bike ride and 45 minutes of elliptical today. Not bad!


4 thoughts on “Homemade pie dough is the devil.

  1. homemade pie dough? well. the secret is the ultimate artery clogging, high fat, disgusting sounding ingredient. lard. works like a charm. in fact, i dare say, it’s hard to beat. i know, this is to embrace health and such….but a few dirty secrets won’t kill ya! xoxo!

    • I used Crisco! Like I said, these aren’t for me 🙂 The whole process of chilling the dough, rolling the dough and just handling it in general kinda made me crazy. I’m not patient or detail oriented enough for that biz.

      Miss ya!

  2. kel, when i used to bake pies and made my own crust, i would put an egg into the mixture. it helped to hold the dough together and helped make it flaky. but i agree with your mom that the ready make from the store is faster and less messy. but congrats on trying your hand at a difficult art.

    love you

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