Central Oregon

What a gloriously hot sunny day in Central Oregon! Lucy isn’t such a fan of being carted around in this weather, but I can totally dig it. The day started in Madras and now we’re in a hotel room in Bend with Ty!

Mt. Jefferson:

Best tacos ever! $1 minis at Taco Express in Madras… two chicken, one spicy pork… I dare you to find a better $3 lunch.

I worked it out in the hotel gym this evening: 40 minutes on the stair machine, 60 crunches and 20 sit ups.

And then Ty and I ate at 900 Wall for dinner; what an unexpectedly fantastic meal. Sorry, no pics on this… Thankfully the lighting was terrible since I left my camera at the hotel. Check this menu out: Great northern white beans with chorizo and arugula for an appetizer; kubocha squash soup; wilted spinach salad with wild mushrooms and gorgonzola; sorbet trio for dessert. I needed this meal to remind that fall is actually here, regardless of the weather, and that life should be filled with frequent squash and mushrooms dishes right now.


3 thoughts on “Central Oregon

  1. Seriously? Mini tacos for a buck? I am putting Madras on my calendar STAT. However, I might add, I do think that Bui’s salad rolls may also compete for the best $3 lunch.

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