And by limo, we mean short bus…

So maybe our limo ride through wine country was more of a shuttle bus excursion with no actual limo in sight… we still had the time of our lives! We’ve had this trip on the calendar since June, giving us three months of giddy anticipation.

We compiled a lunch of crackers, cookies, pears, apples, carrots, multiple cheeses, salads, chips and salsa… and I’m pretty sure we ate almost everything. Quite an indulgence that I’m sure my early morning spin at the gym did little to combat.

At Ponzi, one of our faves:

Hip Chicks, complimentary stemless glasses!

Who loves Oregon?

Sara and the winery dogs…

Confused by false advertising:

Cheers to one more week of September Summer!


3 thoughts on “And by limo, we mean short bus…

  1. Why ya gotta hate on the short buses sissy??? I may have taken 2 real limo rides in Vegas this weekend, complentary of the bride-to-be!! love you xoxo!

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