Mental Health Day

Sometimes it’s necessary to cancel plans and just stay home and take care of yourself. For me, today was dedicated to work, dog walking, spin class, and counting Weight Watchers points (tracking my food intake). It’s been so long since I’ve spent every minute of the day making good decisions for myself and my health. *Must do this more often!*

Menu today: Fiber One cereal, apples, banana, low fat string cheese, Lean Cuisine, Wasa crackers, granola bar, carrots, shirataki noodles with fire roasted tomatoes and feta.

Yeah, that food has ‘diet’ written all over it, but I’m coming to terms with the fact that I do have to be on diet for the rest of my life. Normal eating habits are never going to come natural to me, so I need to re-evaluate my current approach to my weight loss journey. How can I fit a healthy and regimented lifestyle into an often times overzealous social life? It’s all about priorities and boundaries, right?

Whatever battle you’re waging this evening, I hope you’re going to bed feeling strong and in control. I’d forgotten that feeling, but I’m glad to have it back tonight. Cheers to good rest and mental recovery… and happy Friday tomorrow! G’night!


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