fresh egg tacos

Tacos are quickly becoming my second favorite food after pizza. They get extra points because they’re generally healthier and easier to prepare. Nothing beats a good pizza though, nothing.

Anyway, Sara hooked me up with most adorable fresh hen eggs from their backyard coop yesterday. They’re smaller and richer than your store bought variety. I fried three, put them on corn tortillas and topped them with romaine, black beans, salsa, avocado, a bit of feta and hot sauce. The combo of the yolk and avocado is incredibly decadent and satisfying. Even meat eaters can get down with this quick dinner…

In other news, I feel like jelly after a torturous lifting class, which was followed by a Chrisanthi spin class. Two hours of feeling grateful for my good fortune and good health… cheers to that!

AND, one of the blog’s favorite foodies returns from her summer in Alaska…….. fifteen minutes until we pick MANDY BLAND up from PDX. Welcome home, friend! You’ve been missed, and I can’t wait to cook with you again!


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