will dig ditches for fresh food

I’m hiding away at Amanda’s tonight to cook and retreat. And please don’t hate me for forgetting my camera, leaving me unable to photograph the seared scallops with fresh corn polenta and wilted rainbow chard I just threw together. When you’re pinched for time and need a couple quick sides for your main dish, polenta and wilted greens are about as fast and easy as you can get. Both start with sauteed onions and some veggie broth… modify from there based on what you like.

The chard came from today’s visit to the Farm. Megan, Aimee and I dug out new beds in the third plot, making the entire garden a near 1/2 acre. And of course Gabe made farm lunch… today’s star ingredient: Chanterelle mushrooms!! How lucky can three gals get?

Completed work:

My payment:

It’s been one soggy, dirty day.

I heart Oregon.

(Oh, workouts today and yesterday have been self-directed at the gym… two classes tomorrow morning, though!)


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