What a wild weekend! I only spent 15 minutes of it at home, so tomorrow I will focus on trying to make it up to my pup. All of the aforementioned events went off without a hitch. Kent and I went on a 25 mile [memorable] bike ride through the city yesterday as he plead his case of turning me into a true cyclist. Honestly I don’t think bike jerseys and clip-in shoes are really my road-style, but I’m willing to entertain the thought by adding a few accessories to my Christmas list this year. Anyway, the ride was made more fun by a stop at Coalition for a pint of IPA and additional visits to both Vino for a wine tasting and Oregon Ice Works (my new favorite food cart) for local Italian ice (coconut/vanilla and pineapple/mango!!!). And this was all before 4pm!

Go here. Now. In Sellwood.

Dinner last night with Kent and Steph was pretty outrageous, beginning at Oba for an app (crab cakes and mojitos) and followed by Fratelli’s for exquisite wine, salad, pizzette, double cooked pork pasta and homemade ravioli. We had the baller-status table in the back, which Kent lived up to with his surprise round of celebratory bubbly. I.LOVE.EATING.WELL. (*and drinking well…….)

Sunday was spent with my other favorite married couple 🙂 Ty and Jay plus baby Harps!! More wine today while Jay chauffeured us around wine country. Nearly impossible to thank these people enough…

At Anne Amie, in hammock, loving life and wine. (Harps and Jay are sleeping in the car at our first stop!):

Second stop, Domaine Serene:

Finally, our favorite, Stoller Winery:

And yes, tomorrow will require double duty at the gym. The above events were totally worth it. I love my people!! THANK YOU!


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