Bridge Pedal!

We did it! In the end we are counting today as nearly 40 miles of pedaling… my longest stretch ever!

Gratitude list:
1. My mental and physical ability to do this.
2. Amanda, my hero and riding pal, who was up way too late last night and way too early this morning.
3. The fact that we did not crash into each other or anyone else… or have any bike issues.
4. Our strength to pass many other riders on the hill climbs.
5. Riding over the Fremont and Marquam (freeway) bridges.
6. Portland in general… just beautiful.

6:45am, prepping bikes to start:

From the Marquam:

Stopped by a train in SE:

Donut pit stop in Sellwood (I resisted temptation!):

Yogurt pit stop downtown on I-405 (super rad):

Riding on the freeway:

Fremont Bridge break:

St. Johns (the hardest part of the ride was climbing the hill to this one):

Finish line and snacks under the Burnside Bridge:

Love you, Hostetter!

Now it’s food, nap, homework. In that order.


7 thoughts on “Bridge Pedal!

  1. Kelly, I am so proud of you and your friend!!!!!! The pictures and your list of gratitude were fabulous. what you have achieved over the years is something to be proud of and keep up the great work. love you

  2. You inspire me!! I love to live vicariously through you. You are so brave and so eager to try new things and I LOVE that about you:)

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