eating like a washingtonian

Bah! Nothing like a little computer virus to make things even more ridiculous… It looks like I have to send this thing in on Monday so they can clean it up and set me straight. Not my most productive afternoon, but at least I got the bathroom clean.

Moving on…

Here are a few pics from Silverdale and Seattle… such an amazing trip! Even though I probably consumed twice the calories I’m supposed to, I managed to get in some good workouts every single day. If only I’d been as productive on the homework scene.

Awards dinner on Wednesday at Arnie’s in Edmonds, Washington. Mixed seafood grill (salmon, scallops, prawns, clams):

Ivan’s food demo at the meeting and his watermelon salad (I’ll get the recipe ASAP… so good!):

And then it was back to Seattle last night for another meal with Juanita & Co. We walked to All Purpose Pizza for (life-changing) sourdough crust and good beer and waldorf salad and family-friendly positive vibrations. Love:

Thank you, family!!!


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