One perfect day in Seattle…

…and now I’m in Silverdale, Washington, with my coworkers. These people are louder than I am!

I took the ferry from Seattle to Bremerton after a magnificent family dinner with Juanita, the girls and the Grandparents (who happen to live on Upper Queen Anne with a giant hillside back deck overlooking the city… are you drooling yet?). The hospitality was outrageous: Wine, homebaked bread (ala Juanita), apps, dinner, beautiful views and major quality family time.

Photo by Iris:

Couscous pallea:

Everyone gets their own special napkin ring (LOVE this tradition):

View from the ferry:

Workout: Jillian cardio dvd with Juanita in her living room… Lots of kicking and jumping and sweating. Success! I think there is a hotel gym, so I should plan to do that in the morning. Gross.


4 thoughts on “One perfect day in Seattle…

  1. skip that hotel gym and do that workout i sent you! you can go up and down stairs for the 5 min. intervals of cardio (if it has stairs). oh, i guess you will need some small weights, though.

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