Weigh-in Wednesday

It’s been two weeks of travel, amazing food and lots of exercise. Not too surprising I was up .8 of a pound… I officially have two months to make my goal of 175, so I’ve gotta get busy journaling my food and staying within points. Tomorrow I will track and tell you all about it.

Workout yesterday: Spin class and 9 mile bike ride
Workout today: 20 minute stair intervals, lifting class, Mt. Tabor walk

In order to pull myself out of a recent funk, I decided to stay home tonight and cook, do homework and hang with Lucy the Fuzziest Girl. Feeling strong and happy again!!

Dinner: Nectarine and orange pepper, two ways

I made a salsa with half of each and then grilled the other halves. The salsa went on a piece of grilled cod, and everything was served on a spinach salad (with feta, cranberries and lemon juice). My goals were to use up produce, make something really light and not go to the grocery store. Beautiful success!

One more exciting piece of healthy info: Amanda just agreed to do the Bridge Pedal with me!! I’ve said it before, but this gal is my hero. Love.


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