Well this is embarrassing. I’ve actually had the right cord for this camera the entire time. Shoot. Too bad, really, because I have a ton of pics that have been piling up, and I’m way too exhausted to post all of them right now. Let’s just stick with today, since it started with making curry potato salad at 6:30am because I couldn’t sleep. Still haven’t eaten any of it yet.

And then a vegan omelet brunch (think blended tofu) with the ladies:

After that I was off to Hagg Lake to help Amanda and Mark train for their triathlon. All three bikes in the back of the wagon:

Post swim (45 minutes, open water) and bike (10+ hilly miles):

I had to boogie across town after that to go on a 2.75 mile hike with Mama P. The night was capped with another tortilla pizza and anniversary walk with Lucy (six years!)

Ok, here’s my made up curry potato salad recipe:

2 lbs potatoes, chopped and boiled until soft

Add: 1/4 chopped onion and 3 chopped garlic cloves… also add chopped herbs (I used basil and rosemary)

Dressing: Light mayo, light sour cream, palmful of curry powder, rice wine vinegar and honey (taste as you go; I didn’t measure :))

Mix it up and garnish with dried cranberries!


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