Food Journal Friday

Good Morning!

I’m just going to update this post periodically today with the food I’ve eaten and the corresponding WW points.

1 C Raisin Bran: 3
1/2 C almond milk and 1/2 banana: 1

(Mt. Tabor walk… 287 steps to the top! +2 pts)

Small banana w/ tsp peanut butter: 2

(Spin class +4 pts)

Leftover salad from last night: 6

Sandwich ala Sara:

bread: 3
cheese: 2
avo: 3
egg: 1
olive oil: 2
tomato: 0

chips: 2
fruit: 2

juice: 3

fro yo: 4

27 WW points so far

Wow, those add up quickly when you’re not paying attention! That’s about all I get for the day, so I won’t be eating much else. It’s too hot for food anyway. Homework and lounging tonight; big day tomorrow!


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