Weigh-in Wednesday

I’m definitely counting this one as a victory, because I only gained 1/2 pound over the past two weeks of travel and moving.  YES!!!!!!!!!!!  Good news on my new house:  It’s a one hour round trip to the top of Mt. Tabor park and back.  I discovered this very early this morning, wanting to get the black dog (and myself) some exercise before the heat.  Lucy wasn’t super pumped about the 100 stairs, so I might start tying her up at the bottom while I power up them.  Sweaty!  After that Amanda and I went swimming for 40 minutes (I definitely tapered off for the last ten) at the OHSU pool.  So nice to do something different! 

So I actually stayed for the Weight Watchers meeting today (I haven’t in a long time), and it was so so great. We talked about fun ways to make pizza healthy and a bazillion creative things to do with veggies (sauerkraut in chocolate cake? WHAT?!). Then we had to write down a goal to work towards by September 21st. My goal: To weigh in at 175. That requires a loss of eight pounds. Kelly, you can do this.

Then I made a list of all things healthy in my life:

Gym (classes), Bridge Pedal, Farmers Markets, the Farm, Family Dinners, Hiking in the Gorge, Mt. Tabor walks, Lucy, swimming with Amanda, Weight Watchers, amazing role models.

It felt really good to write these things down. Try it. Pick a goal and then figure out the resources you have to reach it. Let me know how it goes 🙂

And btw, no pics for a few days unless I get my hands on a cord. I’m using a loaner while mine is being overhauled (THANK YOU, DANA!!)


7 thoughts on “Weigh-in Wednesday

  1. Hey Kelly—I am so proud of what you have done with your life and I just wanted to say keep up the great work!! I know that you will meet your goal for September. It was great seeing you while you were home and really enjoyed the lunch with you and Breezy–love you

  2. Gurl, your list of all the things healthy in your life is a bazillion times longer than that… you have created something pretty damn amazing.

  3. Congrats Sissy!!! Prob wouldn’t have gained if I knew how to fix broken bikes. Shoot!! Keep Calm and Carry on! xoxo

  4. you are so so motivating! You are helping to make this world a healthier place!

    Anyone needing to lose weight should get a puppy!! No making excuses for going for long walks now!! (I’ve almost lost the 5 pounds I gained since last fall:)

  5. This post was so inspiring that I went to make a comment and saw all these beautiful notes!!! You inspire all of us!!! You can do it for September! GO KELLY!!!!!!!! xoxoxo (P.S. I started the Insanity workout with Cameron and I am officially terrified. But so far the videos are cool and Sean T is ka-ute.)

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