unpacking with wine

The best part of moving? Friends coming over with wine to chill on the porch! After Sara’s afternoon happy hour visit, Anna and I met up for a Body Sculpt class at the gym and then came back to the new pad for Trader Joe’s sushi and an arugula salad (and wine and chocolate).

The ladies share a tortilla chip:

Dinner (salad: arugula, lemon, garlic, cranberries, olive oil, salt, pepper):

Anna’s toe shoes

Tonight I sleep in my bed for the first time in well over a month. Weigh-in Wednesday tomorrow! And a trip with Amanda to the pool (I’m tagging along as she trains for her triathlon… my hero in more than one way.)


3 thoughts on “unpacking with wine

  1. The shoes, yes, I love them. It takes a while to get over the ridiculous look of them, and I am always prepared to answer questions if I wear them in public, but I really do wear them for almost anything active – hiking, running, gardening, etc. I’ve convinced my boyfriend to buy them – he wears them all the time too, typically to work.

    For anyone seriously considering these, do be warned that our feet do need to ease into wearing them, as these fancy little shoes – the Vibram five fingers – do force us to use muscles that we typically don’t use that often.

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