I like American music.

What a day. Not nearly as productive as I’d hoped, but it sure was beautiful and filled with delicious food. Because I’m still on Midwest time I woke up at 6am and had nothing better to do than walk Lucy around a very peaceful Portland. I biked to the gym, rode the spin bike for 30 minutes and then endured a step/lifting class (the soundtrack for the class was comprised of America-themed tunes) before biking home. So good to be back!

Obviously famished, I ate the leftovers Steph and Kent sent me home with last night. In a sudden change of plans yesterday, I crashed their smoked meat dinner party… good move on my part. Menu: Smoked chicken, ribs and pork with pasta salad, coleslaw, green salad and baked beans… all homemade. Grilled peaches with ice cream for dessert. They saved my life last night. Thanks, friends.

Sara offered to care for Liam and Sherry’s cats this weekend, and I volunteered to tag along today and raid their garden. Chard, kale, chives, garlic, radish, onions, fava beans and mint:

Garden fresh sauteed snack:

And instead of doing all of the homework and packing I was supposed to do, I went to a 4th of July party instead this evening. A worthy sacrifice to hang out with these spectacular women:

It’s ten o’clock and I’m going to bed. In honor of Kate’s birthday, I’m skipping fireworks tonight 🙂 Love you, gal!


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