country roads

You know you aren’t in high school anymore when you get lost on country roads on your bicycle. Breezy and I ended up taking a 15+ mile ride this morning partially due to a stalled train blocking our intended road. Exciting times in the middle of nowhere! And before that, I went to the gym super early for a 40 minute spin… 2+ hours on a bike seat today! It’s progress…

Also, I’m flirting with the idea of trying the P90X workout series. Ninety days of pretty serious stuff. Are any of you doing this? Am I crazy to think this is acceptable?

Food today was pretty healthy until I blew it at the end by eating a homemade candy-dipped ice cream cookie sandwich. Doesn’t it just sound irresistible? Wish I had a photo, but this one of my dinner burrito will have to do:


3 thoughts on “country roads

  1. Hi Kelly! Cameron considered that P90X workout, but just bought the DVDs for the “Insanity” workout. He loves talking about working out, so I’ll send you his email! xoxo

  2. Hey Kelly! FYI: My brother and his wife did the P90X thing. They started a little over a year ago. My bro lost his beer belly really fast and his wife, who is petite to begin with, got super toned. They still follow it, tho not as intensely as the first 6 months.

  3. I have an acquaintance who did the P90X, from her facebook posts I gathered that she was not happy with it at all. apparently a huge time commitment, etc and she saw little results. don’t know if she was doing it right or really put the effort in so take it with a grain of salt.

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