Thanks, Maders!

I’ve been shaking the post-karaoke funk all day today, thus a very late blog post. Paul and Ambar invited me over to their new house last night for some cookout fun… and then the usual suspects joined up for sing-song happiness.

Fresh peas, from their garden!

Grilled steak, mushroom and potatoes with broccoli salad and raspberries:

Niece Mallory 🙂

Today was indulgent, and I’ll be glad to start over tomorrow morning with a long bike ride and trip to the gym.

Here is the track list from the workout mix I made Breezy and I for Jillian’s workout today:

Baby I Love You, Aretha Franklin
No Heaven, DJ Champion
Too Fake, Hockey
Felicia, Constellations
Little Lion Man, Mumford and Sons
Show Me, Mint Royale
Everything is Alright, Stevie Wonder
Bad Romance, Lady Gaga
Maybe, Ingrid Michaelson
Electric Feel, MGMT
Dreams, Passion Pit
Why Did ya Come in Here Lookin Like That: Dolly Parton
Hallelujah, Helio Sequence
Don’t Stop til you get Enough, MJ


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