Veggie Chili

I went as Keri’s date to her AA meeting tonight; what a good experience for the soul. They’re all about gratitude – I LOVE it! And I’m so grateful to have a healthy Keri in my life 🙂

Guess who I convinced to engage in some Jillian activity today? Breezy! Here she is right before I got all antsy in her face, begging for her company (Molly napped on as we lunged and crunched):

Recipe of the day (my own creation): Veggie Chili

Secret ingredient, courtesy of the new Mexican market downtown Ripon (!!!):

All the ingredients:

Chop and saute in olive oil for 8 minutes or so: Jalapeno, medium red onion, two ears of uncooked corn off the cob, small chopped sweet potato

Add 4 chopped peppers in adobo sauce; continue sauteing

Add small can of tomato sauce

Add can of fire roasted tomatoes

Add two cans of your favorite beans

Add jar of salsa

Add a cup or two of water

Add a bag of Boca vegetarian crumbles

Cook on low for awhile; Eat it when it tastes ready.

Final product:

It’s chili, there are no rules. It’s great though, because it can be really, really healthy. Enjoy!


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