Food post

I just spent the last hour going through about 1000 pictures… And from what I can tell, I’ve been eating really well. The Jillian dvds have completely saved me this trip, since there just hasn’t been a lot of time for finding a gym. With that said, yesterday was the perfect time to take a break from her, and the Duluth kids and I walked about three miles around town instead. Back at it today though 🙂

Here goes the food from the past four days. Let’s begin with best catered meal I’ve ever had. Thank you Common Roots for the healthy and beautiful feast!

Sweet potato salad:

Salad trio (potato, spinach, caprese):

My kabobs, deconstructed (I will find the marinade for the shrimp and share it ASAP. SO. GOOD.):

In that box is a CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE:

Wedding night dinner on the boat (fish, veggies, salad, HEALTHY):

Chocolate cake/raspberry sauce, shared with Carol Ann:

If you’re wondering if cheese curds ever made an appearance, the answer is YES. I ate three and forgot to photograph them. So glad they aren’t a staple in Portland. Eek.

Ok, on to Duluth… First stop on our walk was gelato. Can you say red berry and tiramisu?

Dinner at PIZZA LUCE!!! My fave!!

Spinach salad, Spanish Chicken pizza, Margherita pizza:

Cocktails on the deck for dessert:

Breakfast this morning (pita with egg, feta, basil):

We are cooking tonight!


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