Minneapolis, Minnesota (love)

First let me say how fantastic it is to have the 89.3 The Current back on my radio! Though I have quite the list of must-do’s while I’m here, listening to my very favorite radio station is top priority.

Anyway, Weigh-in Wednesday did not go down today, since I was too busy traveling to Resort de Cristiani. Really this is just Carol’s family’s home outside of Minneap, but it’s paradise to me. We ate a healthy lunch (fruit, veggies, hummus, guac, Ripon Good cookies) and kicked it poolside (fried myself crispy). Then we borrowed the luxury bikes and pedaled the area trails for about 12 miles.

Later on I met up with my old pal Courtney for dinner at the new NE Minneap restaurant, Ginger Hop. With so many Asian-inspired dishes to choose from, we weren’t sure where to start.

Obviously calamari is the best choice… this dish even comes with fried basil!

Next dish to share: Crispy tofu salad

And finally, yellow curry with shrimp!

Such good food. After that experience, we stopped by to visit with Peebs and Maia at their home. And Carol re-joined… happiness!

Tomorrow- we cook!


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