Sanity moment

Last night, while we were running around Ripon like the maniacs we used to be, I thought to myself, “No blogging, working out or smart eating for the next two days. You’re on vacation.” Yesterday in general was rather indulgent (ice cream, cake, beer, brats, potato salad, pizza, more pizza, you get the picture…) and figured that a few more days of this free for all would be fine.

Not the case… This weekend will be so much more fun if I take care of myself like I usually. So, I forced myself to the gym this morning and have been eating all of the healthy food my Mom stocked for me.

And my nails look so pretty as I type with my fresh mani right now 🙂

No pics from today yet, but here’s a shot of the happiest ladies to ever walk into Jumbo’s (seriously, the name of this bar is Jumbo’s):


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