Ripon edition of Weigh-in Wednesday

Good to be home and enjoying the supreme weather!

After a sleepless night, I spent most of the day doing wedding related tasks with Keri, Bree and Madre. They all put up with my crankiness… thanks, gals!

Although I took the day off from the gym, I had a few great walks today around the hometown. The walk to Weight Watchers could have ended better, but I did, in fact, gain a little this week. About a half pound, so nothing to really complain about. (Let’s all just blame the different scale, k?)

Dinner was home cooked and super deluxe (thanks, Pa!): Roast chicken, sweet potato, creamed cabbage (eaten with caution) and spinach dressed in pear infused white balsamic vinegar (!!)

Ma and I went on a digestion walk and snapped photos of the ‘hood.

Current beautiful home:

The house I grew up in (used to be blue) and the blue spruce we planted when I was ten (it was an 8 inch sapling at the time):

Commitment: Work out first thing tomorrow morning. At the gym. At least 30 minutes on the spin bike.


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