Accidental red-eye

I thought my flight left at 12:50pm but that’s clearly not the case… Try 12:50 am, putting me into Appleton at 8:30 in the morning. **Preemptive apologies to my well-rested Madre who will certainly be cheerier than I for our reunion tomorrow.

My biggest regret today: Forgetting my camera for our lunch at Proper Eats… I got the special: A burrito filled with plantains, yams, quinoa, black beans, sassy red sauce and covered in guac and shredded beets. I will dream and drool over this on my way to Wisco tonight.

My second biggest regret today: Forgetting my [recently loaded with LOTS of new music] mp3 player at home, leaving me with no tunes for my gym workout.

My biggest success: Working out on the elliptical for 30 minutes without anything to listen to.

Flowering tea (from breakfast):

Farewell libations:

Trevor, math teacher of the year (freshly awarded this medal at Franklin High’s graduation):

Spontaneous family gathering at Valentine’s:

Midnight airport snack:

Gratitude moment: Portland family, Midwest family


2 thoughts on “Accidental red-eye

  1. I’m always super paranoid about accidentally booking a red eye. 😦 I want to come to Portland to try one of those amazing sounding burritos!!!!!! And have fun with your family, Kelly – you rock.

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